Tuesday, March 11, 2014

38 Weeks

38 weeks yesterday!  I suppose I should post a belly shot or something... Should a 37 year old even do this?  Well, heck, why not... but it is not for the faint of heart!  And I think I will keep it at the small size rather than increasing to large like I do for the ones of my kiddos.  :-)

I have come to the conclusion that pregnancy is definitely more difficult when you are older or I have become much more of a wimp.  Each night I feel like I am going to pop and cannot imagine that God can stretch my body any more to accommodate this growing boy.  Isaac is head down but he is turned at a slight angle and is hitting a nerve (or three...).  I get shooting pain down the back of one leg while walking around.  I was told this is my sciatic? nerve.  And other times the pain shoots down the inside of my leg.  It is probably quite comical to see this as it literally causes me to hunch over or I fear I will fall down.  His knee (I think) keeps poking me in my right side like he thinks he can make his escape by scooting out that way.  I seem to be having more Braxton hicks contractions but nothing that occurs at any regular interval and they tend to stop when I stop to sit or lie down.  "Is this normal?" :  I have this thought about 100 times during the day.

So have I been able to stop?  No... the hormones are crazy.  For instance, I vacuumed my whole house yesterday morning.  I hit the grocery store after 9pm to restock the fridge and slowly made the rounds up and down the aisles like a large and very slow tortoise.  I felt compelled to make this turkey with gravy recipe this morning in my crock pot.  Every time I pass a patch of dirty grout I feel like I need to seal that section of flooring but resist due to the fact my belly is really in the way of that kind of a job and well, that would just mean I am going totally crazy, right?  I'm picking out a few catered meals from Lagniappe to be delivered over the next 2 weeks as a treat and knowing I can probably freeze some of the portions for later.  I might as well, b/c I haven't needed to splurge on a cleaning service.  My house is clean!

My doctor is on spring break right now.  I usually have my weekly appointments on Monday but this week I go on Thursday.  This next appointment I will be checked to see if baby is on his way.  I'm thinking he will stay put b/c my kids just tend to be stubborn that way but who knows.  I have felt a little" off" this week in terms of crampiness and difficulty in walking about so we will just have to wait and see.  Patience.

More later.  Thanks for checking up on us.

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