Thursday, March 27, 2014

Isaac Joseph Nelli, March 24

Happy Birthday to Isaac Joseph Nelli
March 24, 2014
8lbs 3oz
21 inches long
Head:  14.25"
7:43 am
And here is the story of how Isaac came into the world on Monday, March 24, 2014...
As many know, starting with Emily, who was a breech baby, all my babies have been delivered via C-section.  You would think that after 4 C-section deliveries, I would be somewhat calm and collected about having babies this way.  That would not be true.  Yes, I knew exactly what to expect but I was just as terrified of this surgery as I was of the first.  Yes, I have an amazing doctor and no, I had nothing to worry about... but I was anxious and struggled for peace of mind.  Regardless, here is the story:
My first two babies were delivered between 38 and 39 weeks and both seemed to need more time in the womb.  Emily struggled to feed and lost a lot of weight and David was born with immature lungs and needed a 1 week neo-natal stay.  Starting with Lia, Chris and I insisted that our C-section deliveries be scheduled at the 40 week or later mark.  Both Lia and Isaac were born big 8 pound babies that nursed and slept well from the beginning.  I truly believe giving a baby the amount of time it needs inside the womb is very important and we were rewarded both times we made this choice.  Isaac seemed very large in my belly and I was so uncomfortable with him for the last 2 weeks that I slept fitfully in a recliner and suffered sharp nerve pain up and down both legs during the day as I waited for his arrival.  I was able to do all my daily activities... I just waddled a lot and did them a lot slower than I used to. The hormones were crazy and my house was incredibly organized and clean for baby's arrival!  But can I keep it up during the newborn phase... that is the question!
On Sunday, the day before my surgery, I was able to attend mass and pray for peace of mind.  I reached out to many of my friends for their prayers and truly felt their love and support.  I was able to prepare for surgery at home and even slept a few hours before waking up at 5am.  My Mom and Dad had come in on Sunday night so Chris could take me to the hospital the next morning.  At the hospital, I was prepped for surgery and felt a bit anxious but was able to dose off an on as I waited.  I have quite a fear of receiving the spinal from the anesthesiologist and had a moment of doubt when I saw how young he was.  It was unfounded though because he was highly competent and it all went as smoothly as it could have.  Once the numbing began, I knew I would feel no pain during the surgery.  As I was lying there waiting for my legs to numb, Chris was able to join me and pray with me.  While there was no pain, I couldn't relax.  My shoulders were very tense and I had a difficult time keeping my breathing slow.  I just focused on breathing in and out and waiting for my baby.  I didn't have to wait long when I heard they were taking Isaac out and literally felt him pushed out.  His cries came immediately and I was reassured he was fine.  I know I glanced at him briefly but I just couldn't look at him until the surgery was complete.  I just kept breathing in and out and tried not to dwell on the strange sensations so high up in my chest till they were all done.  It seemed like it took a long time to head to recovery.  Once there, I saw my baby and was able to cry for relief it was over.  I hope that part will fade because the blessings of seeing and holding my son after being pregnant so long are awe inspiring.  He nursed like it was the most natural thing in the world.  Chris took about a hundred photos and proudly let our family know Isaac was finally here.

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  1. Congratulations Nelli family! We all can't wait to meet your sweet blessing!