Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three Weeks Old

April 14-20, 3 weeks old
Issac's 3rd week marked Holy Week and Easter for us... another busy time in the Nelli household.  We didn't manage to attend Holy Thursday services but did make it to Good Friday where everyone could kiss the cross and give thanks.  It is a long mass but so visual for the kids in the way the priests and altar servers slowly process in to the beating "drum", the way they lay prostrate at the beginning of mass symbolizing Jesus's death, the sheer numbers of people who attend, and the enormous cross that everyone is able to touch or kiss.  You've got to give yourself a pat on the back if you attended with your whole family and a newborn!

Filling out the froggy suit...
And looking mighty cute!
Emily is still quite enamored with her adorable baby brother.

 Another diaper video... it is just so fascinating for me to see him fattening up!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Weeks Old

April 7-14, Two Weeks Old

I'm looking at my photos and notice that I did take the initiative to document our 2 week milestone on Monday but neglected to take any pictures until the following Monday.  My memory is a bit hazy but I'm guessing this is the first week we started homeschooling again!  Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my "maternity leave" or "babymoon."  So, If you were wondering how homeschooling is going, I can tell you it is not easy with a newborn who needs nursing all the time and prefers to be held rather placed somewhere.  We are pretty much at half-strength these days and are covering the basics:  math, religion, writing, spelling and latin (if it is a good day).  The frills like science, history, logic, poetry, typing, etc... are on hold.

2 weeks old!

Monday, April 28, 2014

First Week Highlights

March 31- April 6
Having a brand new baby in the house certainly mixes things up a bit!  The big kids were simply fascinated with all things Isaac and quickly realized how much work taking care of a newborn entails.  I know I joked at some point that they weren't doing much bookwork, in terms of school, but they were certainly getting some good life lessons!  And besides, we want them to bond with their baby brother and be a part of taking care of him.  Goodness knows, I need help!
So here we have everyone bathing the baby...  I think this was Emily's turn to be in charge.  And no, I didn't step away from him very long... just long enough to get a picture.  The kids learned very quickly that bathing a newborn should occur quickly because pee and poop can happen at any time!  David doesn't let us take his picture very often and won't hold the baby so I am having to get creative so he will be present in all this documentation!

My girls on the other hand, love to hold the baby and love to have their pictures taken doing so.  I had to work hard to narrow down my favorites.  I think Isaac will be a very spoiled little boy with all the attention his sisters lavish upon him.

And see, Mom got in some pictures too!  Chris took this one of me and Isaac wearing my favorite "cute suit" of his.

His smallness in Daddy's arms is what melts my heart here.  I know first hand how quickly this time passes.

And this one is a rare "selfie" to capture the peace of this moment.  Obviously, he had just been nursed and was happily napping on my chest.

And finally, a close-up of him wide awake.  His eyes are still greyish blue-green and I am very curious to see what color they will end up being.  Yes, we are loving this sweet bundle of love.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

One Week Old

Mondays mark Isaac's weekly anniversaries and I am trying to document each week with a short video and portrait session.  Babies change so much in the first few months and I know it is hard to see it when you are with your baby day in and day out... so for this baby, I want to have it documented properly!  I video him in a diaper because I want to see the results of all this nursing!

(note Little Duck's appearance)

I had my doubts that his belly button would turn into something cute when this picture was taken... but I am happy to report it is adorable now.

First Days Home (March 26-31)

So one way to get your blog updated is to get really sick and spend a lot of time in bed...  Yup, I was supposed to go to Austin with Isaac this weekend and spend some quality time with my friend Sarah and finally meet her sweet baby boy, Axel.  Unfortunately, the clogged milk duct in my right breast decided to get infected.  Friday night, which is the night I drive my kiddos to all their activities, I noticed that it began to hurt.  Even the seat belt hitting it in the car was painful.  By the time I got home at 6:30 that night, I began to have the chills.  This quickly escalated to uncontrollable shivers and teeth chattering.  I've had this happen before, so I knew I had mastitis.  Emily was such a sweet heart that night and helped take care of Isaac and brought me warm towels and heating pads to keep me warm.  So from experience, I knew the only way to get a clogged milk duct, infected or not, to clear is to let your baby nurse as much as possible.  So that is what we have been doing this weekend along with applying heat to the infected area.  My symptoms are getting better, but I have been running a temperature and fluctuating back and forth between chills and cold sweats.  Nice, huh?  Even better, on Saturday night my fever spiked to 105!  I ended up getting in the tub, taking alternating doses of Ibuprofen and Tylenol, and again, letting the baby nurse as much as possible.  Today (Sunday), I am feeling better, though definitely still fatigued.  I am hoping this clears up on its own because if it doesn't I will have to see the doctor and most likely begin a round of antibiotics.  Goodness me!  So I guess this is what I get for ranting on the last post right... no more complaining!
But back to documenting:
Wednesday, March 26, we were able to bring Isaac home from the hospital.  Here is a sweet picture of Emily holding her baby brother.  Since he's a month old now, I can appreciate the fact that he has already outgrown that little newborn outfit he's wearing in this picture.


Our first night home, Lia and I had some fun with the iPad camera.  There are no normal hours when you have a newborn in the house and I think we were getting a little silly being up so late.

This picture was taken the next morning.  Isaac's Nana picked out this sweet little duck for him at the hospital gift store.  I am trying to get 'Little Duck' in his pictures for size reference but mostly because it's just so stinkin' cute.  And goodness, Isaac looks really small here!

He was just napping on my lap here and I thought he looked cute...

Here he is in his little monkey vibrating seat. 

And these pictures are so much fun... David got a kick out of the fact that Isaac was giving me "kisses" and tried his best to capture it on the iPad camera.  When Isaac wants to nurse, which is just about all the time, he starts bobbing his head around attempting to suck on whatever he comes into contact with.  If your face is nearby, it appears as if he is trying to kiss you... really cute. The pictures are a little blurry so I cropped them and played with the tint a little to improve them a bit.  Regardless, I am glad to have them as I couldn't capture this moment myself.

My Mom and Dad spent the weekend with us and I'm glad I made some time to get these pictures before they went home.  They will be included in his baby book for sure!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 2 in the Hospital (March 25)

My pictures are all documented and filed away nice and neat... I just haven't found any time to update my blog.  Isaac nurses about every 2 hours.  I am trying desperately to educate my older children to some minimum standard that I deem acceptable, get the laundry done, feed everyone, do the dishes and clean only what is really disgusting...  you get the idea.  I should totally be sleeping right now but I'm afraid if I delay any longer in updating, I will just throw in the towel and say it is just too difficult to document our lives.  (okay rant session over)
March 25, 2014 
I felt great my 2nd day in the hospital.  I got up and showered, walked around and even went shopping in the hospital lactation store for some nursing bras.  I began bragging that my doctor was such an awesome surgeon that I was hardly in any pain at all.  I would take these words back later... the pain definitely came back to bite me.  I allowed my Daddy to photograph me too!

It is so hard to believe that Isaac was in my belly just the day before and I was so miserably uncomfortable.

I like this picture of Isaac at my chest because that is pretty much where he preferred to be if he wasn't nursing or being held by someone else.  And once we got him home, that location was certainly much more desirable than his cold and lonely cradle.

I had Isaac on Monday morning, these pictures were taken on Tuesday and I requested a discharge on Wednesday morning since we were both doing so well in terms of recovery.  The real reason I wanted to get the heck out of that place was because nobody would let me sleep!  I am fairly certain I did not sleep for more than an hour at a time and I was so ready to go home and sleep in my own bed.

I like this one of my Mom and I.  Babies are just so exciting.  Welcome to the world, sweet Isaac.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Isaac's 2 Week Stats

April 8, 2014 - Dr. Haggerty
Height = 21.5"
Weight = 8lbs, 1.1oz
BMI = 12.28 kg/m2
HC =  15.51"

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meeting Baby Brother Isaac

I have been just itching to update my blog but have spent quite a bit of time sorting and organizing my photos.  Thank goodness for my Dad who took all these lovely pictures as I never could have captured any of this.  I chose not to be in the pictures from the first day because I was so nauseous and itchy from the anesthesia.  I did clean up and get some nice pictures the next day though.


As Isaac's birthday got closer and closer, Emily kept saying how she was so excited to meet her baby brother but that she just couldn't imagine what it would be like.  While I was pregnant, the kids spent a lot of time touching my belly and feeling him move and hiccup inside me.  They would feel his little baby parts and try to guess whether it was a little knee or a little foot and they talked to him and told him they loved him.  And yes, it is very surreal to be so intimate with your baby but not see and hold him and then suddenly one day, he comes out and you finally get to meet him.  Obviously, the kids were super-excited to come to the hospital once we finally got a private room.  Their grandparents had gotten them up early and treated them to breakfast out so they were very ready to meet Isaac by 10am.  I think their smiles tell you how much they fell in love with their brother upon finally meeting him.

Here is a super proud Emily.  Since I'm a week out in writing this, I can tell you that I think every newborn should come with a 10 year old big sister.  Emily loves to hold Isaac and can take him from me once he's done feeding and love on him or calm him down when he's upset.  She won't change diapers yet... but I'm working on that!

Here is a rare and genuine smile from big brother David.  While David is certainly interested in Isaac, he has absolutely no desire to hold him.  While that is fine, I told him in a few months, he would be in charge of all doing all sorts of silly things to make his brother laugh and giggle.  David seemed happy with this arrangement.

And my "baby" girl is so very proud of her little brother.  She isn't as bold as her big sister, but quietly waits her turn to hold the baby and is just so sweet and gentle with him.  She hasn't gained complete confidence holding him yet and has to call for help when he gets too fussy but I love how she lavishes him with attention and sweet sister kisses.

My beautiful family.

Proud Granpa

Proud Nana

Proud Papa (tired though...)

cute and cute - the nurses are so good at swaddling!
We love you Isaac and are so glad you are part of our family!  God has blessed us abundantly.