Sunday, April 27, 2014

First Days Home (March 26-31)

So one way to get your blog updated is to get really sick and spend a lot of time in bed...  Yup, I was supposed to go to Austin with Isaac this weekend and spend some quality time with my friend Sarah and finally meet her sweet baby boy, Axel.  Unfortunately, the clogged milk duct in my right breast decided to get infected.  Friday night, which is the night I drive my kiddos to all their activities, I noticed that it began to hurt.  Even the seat belt hitting it in the car was painful.  By the time I got home at 6:30 that night, I began to have the chills.  This quickly escalated to uncontrollable shivers and teeth chattering.  I've had this happen before, so I knew I had mastitis.  Emily was such a sweet heart that night and helped take care of Isaac and brought me warm towels and heating pads to keep me warm.  So from experience, I knew the only way to get a clogged milk duct, infected or not, to clear is to let your baby nurse as much as possible.  So that is what we have been doing this weekend along with applying heat to the infected area.  My symptoms are getting better, but I have been running a temperature and fluctuating back and forth between chills and cold sweats.  Nice, huh?  Even better, on Saturday night my fever spiked to 105!  I ended up getting in the tub, taking alternating doses of Ibuprofen and Tylenol, and again, letting the baby nurse as much as possible.  Today (Sunday), I am feeling better, though definitely still fatigued.  I am hoping this clears up on its own because if it doesn't I will have to see the doctor and most likely begin a round of antibiotics.  Goodness me!  So I guess this is what I get for ranting on the last post right... no more complaining!
But back to documenting:
Wednesday, March 26, we were able to bring Isaac home from the hospital.  Here is a sweet picture of Emily holding her baby brother.  Since he's a month old now, I can appreciate the fact that he has already outgrown that little newborn outfit he's wearing in this picture.


Our first night home, Lia and I had some fun with the iPad camera.  There are no normal hours when you have a newborn in the house and I think we were getting a little silly being up so late.

This picture was taken the next morning.  Isaac's Nana picked out this sweet little duck for him at the hospital gift store.  I am trying to get 'Little Duck' in his pictures for size reference but mostly because it's just so stinkin' cute.  And goodness, Isaac looks really small here!

He was just napping on my lap here and I thought he looked cute...

Here he is in his little monkey vibrating seat. 

And these pictures are so much fun... David got a kick out of the fact that Isaac was giving me "kisses" and tried his best to capture it on the iPad camera.  When Isaac wants to nurse, which is just about all the time, he starts bobbing his head around attempting to suck on whatever he comes into contact with.  If your face is nearby, it appears as if he is trying to kiss you... really cute. The pictures are a little blurry so I cropped them and played with the tint a little to improve them a bit.  Regardless, I am glad to have them as I couldn't capture this moment myself.

My Mom and Dad spent the weekend with us and I'm glad I made some time to get these pictures before they went home.  They will be included in his baby book for sure!

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