Monday, April 28, 2014

First Week Highlights

March 31- April 6
Having a brand new baby in the house certainly mixes things up a bit!  The big kids were simply fascinated with all things Isaac and quickly realized how much work taking care of a newborn entails.  I know I joked at some point that they weren't doing much bookwork, in terms of school, but they were certainly getting some good life lessons!  And besides, we want them to bond with their baby brother and be a part of taking care of him.  Goodness knows, I need help!
So here we have everyone bathing the baby...  I think this was Emily's turn to be in charge.  And no, I didn't step away from him very long... just long enough to get a picture.  The kids learned very quickly that bathing a newborn should occur quickly because pee and poop can happen at any time!  David doesn't let us take his picture very often and won't hold the baby so I am having to get creative so he will be present in all this documentation!

My girls on the other hand, love to hold the baby and love to have their pictures taken doing so.  I had to work hard to narrow down my favorites.  I think Isaac will be a very spoiled little boy with all the attention his sisters lavish upon him.

And see, Mom got in some pictures too!  Chris took this one of me and Isaac wearing my favorite "cute suit" of his.

His smallness in Daddy's arms is what melts my heart here.  I know first hand how quickly this time passes.

And this one is a rare "selfie" to capture the peace of this moment.  Obviously, he had just been nursed and was happily napping on my chest.

And finally, a close-up of him wide awake.  His eyes are still greyish blue-green and I am very curious to see what color they will end up being.  Yes, we are loving this sweet bundle of love.

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