Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meeting Baby Brother Isaac

I have been just itching to update my blog but have spent quite a bit of time sorting and organizing my photos.  Thank goodness for my Dad who took all these lovely pictures as I never could have captured any of this.  I chose not to be in the pictures from the first day because I was so nauseous and itchy from the anesthesia.  I did clean up and get some nice pictures the next day though.


As Isaac's birthday got closer and closer, Emily kept saying how she was so excited to meet her baby brother but that she just couldn't imagine what it would be like.  While I was pregnant, the kids spent a lot of time touching my belly and feeling him move and hiccup inside me.  They would feel his little baby parts and try to guess whether it was a little knee or a little foot and they talked to him and told him they loved him.  And yes, it is very surreal to be so intimate with your baby but not see and hold him and then suddenly one day, he comes out and you finally get to meet him.  Obviously, the kids were super-excited to come to the hospital once we finally got a private room.  Their grandparents had gotten them up early and treated them to breakfast out so they were very ready to meet Isaac by 10am.  I think their smiles tell you how much they fell in love with their brother upon finally meeting him.

Here is a super proud Emily.  Since I'm a week out in writing this, I can tell you that I think every newborn should come with a 10 year old big sister.  Emily loves to hold Isaac and can take him from me once he's done feeding and love on him or calm him down when he's upset.  She won't change diapers yet... but I'm working on that!

Here is a rare and genuine smile from big brother David.  While David is certainly interested in Isaac, he has absolutely no desire to hold him.  While that is fine, I told him in a few months, he would be in charge of all doing all sorts of silly things to make his brother laugh and giggle.  David seemed happy with this arrangement.

And my "baby" girl is so very proud of her little brother.  She isn't as bold as her big sister, but quietly waits her turn to hold the baby and is just so sweet and gentle with him.  She hasn't gained complete confidence holding him yet and has to call for help when he gets too fussy but I love how she lavishes him with attention and sweet sister kisses.

My beautiful family.

Proud Granpa

Proud Nana

Proud Papa (tired though...)

cute and cute - the nurses are so good at swaddling!
We love you Isaac and are so glad you are part of our family!  God has blessed us abundantly.

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