Sunday, May 4, 2014

Four Weeks Old

In real time, Isaac will be 6 weeks old tomorrow, so I am slowly getting caught up!  And to update, I seemed to kick the mastitis bug out of my system with that 105 degree fever a week ago and Isaac's around the clock nursing.  He pretty much wants to nurse all the time.  I have this little rule in my head that he should not need to nurse more than every 2 hours.  Well, he has had other ideas and some days he is wanting to nurse about every hour and a half!  It is just plain crazy but... he is really fattening up and looks so darn healthy and cute that I know it must just be what he needs right now. 
Here are the 4 week portraits:
I'm wearing my cute suit from Nana!

Got my little duck!

Sweet gift from the K family.  (Isaac was done with his photo shoot)
Isaac and his Mommy

Morning discussions with big sister...

April 24, Isaac's One Month Anniversary

Lia still loves holding her brother whenever she can.


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