Saturday, May 24, 2014

Isaac's 2 Month Anniversary with Great Grandma and Family

May 24th marked Isaac's 2 month anniversary and David's 1st Communion weekend.  We were very blessed to have Great Grandma, Aunt Val, Aunt Debbie, and Aunt Elaine drive down from Dallas for the occasion.  My cousin Ben and his sweet wife Andrea hosted a fajita dinner for us Saturday night and we were able to get in a great visit.  My Dad gets credit for these great photos.

I love that everyone jumped in for this photo.  And look at David's genuine smile!

And here's one for the baby book!  Grandma was surprise at how heavy Isaac was.  Yes, my piggy poo only stayed newborn size for about a week!

I love that my sweet baby boy is smiling and "talking" with my Aunt Val here.  Babies are so much fun!

Hudson is a whirl of happy activity and I had a difficult time getting him to "pose" for a picture!  I was glad to capture a few pictures of my kids playing with him as they really seemed to enjoy making him laugh and smile.  It will be fun to see them playing with their own baby brother in this way when  he gets older... though I'm not ready for him to grow up just yet!

Aunt Debbie got you Isaac!

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