Monday, July 7, 2014

Isaac, 15 weeks

July 7 - July 14
I think Isaac's 15th week portrait could be my all time favorite.  It was such a pretty day outside and the combination of his sweet smile, little duck and the patio pavers for the background just made a great picture.  His 'I'm a Big Deal' romper was also one of my favorites.  I was sad to see him outgrow it!

Our buddy Travis had some fun with Isaac's portrait.  Here you have a cigar smoking, business formal, pirate baby... Ha!

I'm glad we got this picture of Isaac in the bumbo.  The bumbo is really awesome when baby can't sit yet but our chunky monkey's thighs were so big that his time in there was really limited. To get him in, we basically had to stuff his bottom in the seat and then pry the leg openings apart to wedge him in there! Oh, Isaac.  No need to use the safety buckle... this kid would not be getting out on his own.  :-)

This one pretty much melts my heart.  And he's wearing his Mommy Loves Me onesie.

And some sillyness...  Look at Isaac's face!

And more sillyness...  Isaac is punching his brother.  This game is sure to continue as he grows.

Also from this week:  we had a dentist appointment for the big kids and I noticed they were all in blue. The reflection shows I was the odd one out in purple.  It's too bad I didn't get the baby in this picture because he was in his royal blue polar bear hugs onesie and blended right in.  We all thought it was funny since we didn't plan it.

A little summer boredom... I mean napkin origami.

And summer isn't complete without time at the pool... and "take a picture of me!"

Isaac was one of those babies that wanted to be held all the time so this sling was a life savior for me to get things done and not have to hear him cry so much.  Besides, I kind of liked having him close to me so I could give him more kisses.  :-)

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