Saturday, July 19, 2014

Next Adventure: Gia's Baptism!

On Saturday, July 19th we packed up and said goodbye to Long Beach and headed to Cary for sweet Gia's baptism.  Oh blessed day!  As you can see, there was a beautiful gathering for her 1st sacrament and Pat hosted a lovely reception at her home afterwards.  Gia wore the heirloom Nelli family baptism gown too.  I am so glad that both Isaac and Gia were able to be baptized in it!  And Stacey, I love this family picture.  How is it that none of my children are sticking out their tounges?  Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Gia with the priest and her Godparents

Love the kiddos taking it all in at the reception... how cute are they?

I took this picture on the road.  David sat next to Isaac and comforted his baby brother whenever he got upset and cried.  He spent quite a bit of time holding his hand... so this picture makes me smile.  What a big heart David has!

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