Thursday, July 3, 2014


Emily's standardized test scores were high enough for her to be invited to attend DECATS, a 3 week summer enrichment program for academically talented scholars.  She attended school each day but got to take fun classes like origami, crime scene investigation, and desert island survival skills... along with morals to manners and some other good stuff.  From the outside looking in, I saw a lot of high-energy singing and dancing going on each day... so lots of fun to be had, I'm sure.  It was a great experience for her and we hope she will be invited back next year.  I was very blessed to have a friend drive her to and from school each day since I was caring for baby Isaac... talk about being spoiled!  Emily enjoyed this time with her girlfriend Rebecca so it was a wonderful arrangement for us both.  The pictures below were taken on the last day, July 3rd, after the students performed in an assembly for the parents.

See if you can find Emily in these two videos... She's in the front row on the left side of my video...the very exuberant child, of course.

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