Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Isaac 3 Month Anniversary (13 weeks)

I took Isaac outside for his 3 month anniversary photo shoot... our neighbor, Nancy chuckled as she walked by to get the mail and asked what all the fuss was about.  If you thought getting all these smiley pictures was easy... I can assure you they require quite a bit of work on my part to get him to smile just right!  I sing songs, make funny noises, do silly dances... anything for that grin!

So this is Isaac's 3 month portrait.  My little chunk was wearing 6 month clothes and just discovering his hands.  He would raise his right fist in the air for long periods of time, just staring at it.  Several people commented he looked like a boxer doing that.  He also began to fiddle with his fingers this week.  Chris and I call this knitting and have loved seeing each and every one of our children do this. The milestones are so fun.  Love him.

And the video... having so much fun with these.

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