Monday, July 21, 2014


We usually have a week together with all the cousins before beach week but since this year we had a big wedding... we had to cut cousin camp short.  We asked the kids which activity was the most important one to them and it was unanimous:  Carowinds!  Monday was the big day and we woke up to heavy rain!  It was so disappointing because we didn't have another free day to go.  After studying the radar, we decided to brave the weather and arrived a few hours later than we normally would.  It was drizzling a bit but not enough to spoil our fun.  And better yet, it wasn't crowded!
The Bill Nellis and the Chris Nellis

All smiles!

Isaac's first carousel ride!

 Here is Christopher, David and Lia on the Scrambler.  This is a fast ride but I managed to capture these happy faces on my iphone.  Love the boy  in the blue with his arms up... no, we don't know him!  Lia learned quickly to sit on the outside because if you choose the wrong position, and you are little, you get squashed.

We were even able to get some time in at the water park before it started raining and lightning.

I had fun riding with Lia.  :-)

Happy Day!!!

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