Saturday, July 5, 2014

Crazy Ducks

I don't think they noticed my 'No Solicitors' sign....


It's really fun to live by a pond with ducks.  Even though you're not supposed to, the kids love to feed them and everyone is completely delighted when they have ducklings.  It's fun to count them, watch them grow and follow their Mama around.  This brood of ducklings really liked to make the rounds. Apparently, not enough kids were coming to the pond so this resourceful Mama duck took to making house calls.  Seriously, I looked out the window one morning and saw this!  She didn't ring the doorbell... but I think she would have if she could.  But no, even as cute as they were, I didn't feed them.  Duck poop is pretty nasty and I wanted them to go away so I just took a quick picture.  Mama duck didn't stick around too long once she figured out she was only getting her family's picture taken.

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