Friday, July 11, 2014

Nelli Beach and Road Trip (New Jersey Flight)

The Summer of 2014 will go down in the books as the year we followed Nelli Beach Week with a crazy road trip to Connecticut for Kate and Patrick's wedding.  What were we thinking?  Sure, Isaac at 4 months was pretty portable... He still slept a lot and wasn't too much trouble.  We could do this... right?  4 kids and a crazy road trip... Well we did.  (with stories to tell!)

Travel Plan:  Houston to New Jersey flight (July 11)
                    New Jersey to Myrtle Beach flight (July 12)
                    Nelli Beach Week, Oak Island (July 12-19)
                    Gia's Baptism and Cousin Camp (Charlotte, Raleigh) - driving (July 19-21)
                    Washington DC sights - driving (July 22-24)
                    Wedding in Greenwich, Connectivut - driving (July 25-26)
                    New Jersey to Houston flight home (July 27)

So, we were excited to start our trip with a flight to New Jersey.  As you can see, the baby was content to nap and nurse most of the way... not too much trouble.

Our plan was to stay the night in New Jersey and fly to Myrtle Beach the next day on an early flight. We did this to maximize our frequent flyer miles as the round trip Houston to New Jersey flight was free.  :-)

1st problem:  Our luggage arrived in New Jersey but the car seats did not.  We didn't need our car seats to take the shuttle bus to our hotel but we would need them the next day as we traveled to Myrtle Beach and drove to Oak Island.  Luckily, I had grabbed pizza for the kid's dinner in the terminal so they were able to eat while Chris sorted things out... and yes, that took forever.  Thank goodness for the pizza because the kids were starving!  Did I mention it was like 9:00 at night?  The car seats ended up being on some other flight but they would be waiting for us at the airport for our early morning flight.  (which they were)

So by 10pm, we were on the shuttle bus to our hotel.  By 7am we were back on the shuttle bus to catch our next flight to Myrtle Beach.  Yup... that was fun.  Note to self:  Let's not do that again.

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