Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy First Birthday Isaac!

How can my little boy be one year already?  What a whirlwind!  He's walking, he's talking, he's tearing up my house and still melting my heart.  To celebrate this milestone, we got together with my parents for some park time, dinner out, cake and presents.

I love it when everyone smiles!

His bib says, "Today I eat cake!"  My cousin Nichole gave this precious bib to me at Thanksgiving and I just thought it was so sweet.  I couldn't believe how pristine and clean it was and thought we would make short work out of making it dirty with our chocolate cupcakes.  Ha ha... wrong!  My little guy was not one bit interested in eating his cupcake.  He mashed it with his little finger and eventually just threw pieces of it on the floor.  Apparently, my little guy doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.  I even tried a few more times to get that cake face picture but to no avail.  This kid does not like cake.  So the big joke is:  Today I eat Cake... But I didn't!

A little birthday portrait at the park.

Lovin' the swings and hanging out with big sister.

Nana and Grandpa gave him a shape sorter.  He is very seriously trying to figure it out!

And God Momma Lexi sent some very fun pirate bath toys!

This video cracks me up.  Isaac just looks very confused about this whole birthday business.  I'm thinking he'll catch on in a year or two!

Happy Birthday Isaac!  We love you.