Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Our family tradition the past 2 years has been to attend the Easter Vigil mass on Saturday night.  We are night owls by nature, so we don't bat an eye about staying up till midnight...  The big kids love the bonfire, processing into the church by candlelight, sitting in the dark and listening to the bible readings till the lights come blazing on at the Gloria.  Yes, it is long but there is something about it they really like so we will keep taking them while they still want to go.  That said, it did not make sense to take Isaac to a 3 hour mass so I sent David and Emily with Dad this year.  Isn't this picture fun!

Lia, Isaac and I attended the 6pm mass on Easter Sunday to avoid the crowds.  Crowds and toddling, sometimes cranky babies are difficult to manage.  Luckily, most everyone goes to Easter services in the morning and we were happy to find the 6pm mass was only about 3/4 full.  Isaac had time to toddle around before mass, half a pew to scoot up and down during mass, and then a Mommy who loves him to stand and bounce with him in the sling till he fell asleep.  It worked.  I got a quick picture of Lia at the Easter candle.  No family pics this Easter of everyone together but that's OK.

I am posting this picture of a homemade Easter candle in hopes of making my own next year.  Isn't it lovely?

Our Easter dinner:  Lamb chops!  Love, love, love the lamb chop deals at Costco!  I have an amazing garlic, rosemary, salt rub for lamb that tastes divine after grilling.  Luckily, Chris is a grill master and doesn't mind taking care of the main part of dinner.  Salad, rolls and asparagus finished off this meal and we were very happy!

And last, I worried for about 3 seconds that Isaac would lack for a sibling close in age.  I take it all back... this kid is so spoiled by his older brother and sisters!  Their latest "game" is to push him around the patio on the big wheel like some amusement ride at the fair.  He is one lucky kid.  I'll post the little video I took shortly.  Happy, happy Easter from the Nelli Family!

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