Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Little Traveler

It's hard to believe this smiley face got up at 6:30am, took an 8 hour flight, had a 2 hour layover and another short flight, dined out and grocery shopped with no major meltdowns!  Did I mention there's a 5 hour time change as well?  What a trooper.  Yes, we made it!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nelli Beach, Friday

Friday was our last full day on the beach. We got out early before it got too hot.  I am loving the Isaac and Annaliese cuteness here.

Lots of digging in the dirt this trip.  I'm thinking I'll need to fill our sandbox at home.

The cutest little peach ever!  Those peach boxes make the best toys.

Got the photo op with Uncle Crab at the ice cream social!

And somebody likes the guitar and the guitar player!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Nelli Beach, Thursday (shopping, museum, beach)

After the pier, we were on a souvenir mission.  Each kid could pick something and help find birthday presents for Daddy and Grandpa.  Oh boy, do they get excited for this!

Then, on to Southport and The Maritime Museum.  David and I love this exhibit of model ships throughout history.  We always check it out first.

The girls stayed busy with the scavenger hunt... They found the bell here.

And somebody really liked this ship wheel.

Real periscope to look outside.

We got back in time to enjoy the beach and played almost till sundown.

Lots of cousins, lots of fun!

Nelli Beach, Thursday (Ocean Crest Pier)

Thursday was the Men's Luncheon at our house so it is also the day we go on our own excursion.  The kids are creatures of habit so we always go to the pier for ice cream first.

The highlight (other than the ice cream) was this amazing pelican who let us come right up to him.

Yes, wings are spread b/c he's getting the heck away from us!  But, how cool!

Pointer finger being exercised daily!  So much to look at.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nelli Beach, Wednesday

It was super windy and rough on the beach so the youngest cousins had a little impromptu play date at Stacey's on Wednesday morning.  Talk about non-stop motion!

I came back to our house to find the older cousins playing Spoons.  (Never boring.)

Dale gave Emily a mini guitar lesson and she's hooked.  She actually picked it up really quickly...  She may be asking for one of these soon as she wanted to play all morning.

A little beach time with Preston.

And some a Daddy ocean time.

Another wonderful day at the beach!

Nelli Beach - Wednesday (special lunch)

Nonna's Special  Luncheon lives on!  Steven hosted this year's special lunch for our most adventurous eaters.  I was so pleased that David and Lia wanted to be a part of it.  Anyone can attend as long as they are open to trying something new and are okay with not knowing what the mystery meal is till after they have sampled it!

This year's tasters.

The sausages were supposed to be a warm-up to the main event:  the world's most stinky cheese.  Scroll down to see the mystery food.

The sausages were a hit but the cheese smelled so bad that few would try it.  I think my video gives a good idea of just how foul it smelled!  Pasta (plain) was served after the tastings to fill those hungry kid's bellies.

Nelli Beach, Tuesday

Stacey hosted a baby shower for our niece, Katie Gray.  She's having twins!  Stacey went all out with the 'Two Peas in a Pod' theme and it was perfectly lovely.

Great turnout!  Stacey made two kinds of quiches along with all sorts of other goodies.  And look at all the decorations! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Brett and KG opening gifts... KG said Brett was asking, "What is this?"


Preston and Isaac (1st cousins, once removed). 

Isaac loving these little chairs.

Lia running fast!

David vs Sammy in the relays.

And always fun when Dale brings out his guitar.  He has been calling David, Mouse Man for years and singing this song to torment him.  Good stuff.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Nelli Beach, Monday

Happy Monday!  I took a ton of pictures today and got many good ones but this one of smiley Emily and Isaac is my favorite:

The beach wasn't too hot this morning and there was a fantastic tidal pool for the kids to play in.  Isaac took a little bit of time to warm up but as you can see he really enjoyed it.  The big kids caught some fish to put in the tidal pool as well so it was like our own little private aquarium!

Yay, cousins!  (Annaliese, Emma and Isaac)

David and Christopher

Isaac and Gia.  (Only 8 weeks apart)

We were able to have the 1st day of races too!  David and Lia are ready to go!

There's Lia running in the back!

The Shoemakers are our housemates again this year and they love to fish.  Here is Caroline fighting a shark!


And these lucky kids were treated to a movie out with their Uncle Tee Tee.  Lucky kids!  
(At Minions)