Friday, July 10, 2015

Carowinds 2015

It was just our little family at Carowinds this year... No cousins could join us but we didn't let it get us down.  As you can see, we were pumped for a fun day of conquering some roller coasters!

The first thing we do, once in the gates, is to get measured and get an arm band based on your height.  The taller you get, the more rides you can ride.  This was Lia's first year in the red 48" category.  And David got 54" for the first time this year, which means he could ride all the rides in the park!  

So our game plan was for Chris, Lia and Isaac to visit the "kiddie" rides while I took the big kids to conquer the biggest and baddest rides in the park.

We didn't waste any time and took David to the Intimidator first thing.  This was the newest and scariest ride till Fury arrived this year.  It has a very steep drop at the very beginning.  He was excited but a little nervous.  I had the joy of sitting by him and got to hear the:  "This is so awesome!" mantra through the entire ride.  In fact, he said it was the most awesomest, awesome experience of his life!  (All 9 years of it)

I am a little bummed that *I* didn't get to take sweet Isaac on the carousel but it looks like he enjoyed his special time with Daddy!

Isaac's chubby little pointer finger got quite a workout today as he pointed out all the roller coasters and told us to "Look!"  He also noticed people on rides waving, so he started waving back.  So incredibly cute!

Lia and I got pedicures the day before our trip so after lunch, when we stopped at the water park, we took a moment to admire them.  I thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure, by the way.  It was Chris's Christmas gift to me.  Lia did not enjoy it too much.  The massage chair tickled her, the water was too hot and according to her, it took too long.  I, on the other hand, could have sat in that massage chair for like 3 more days!

This guy had the right idea, so I shamelessly napped right beside him while the big kids enjoyed the water slides.

Lia enjoyed bumper cars with her Daddy!

And last, Emily and I braved the new 'Giga Coaster', Fury 325.  It was pretty incredible with a 81 degree drop from 325 feet and top speeds of 95 mph!  She rode it solo a second time and I got a picture of her waving at the end.  She's in the 3rd car (waving) from the left.  Adrenaline.  Yes.

Fury 325 images:

(Yes, we did this!)

Cici's Pizza wrapped up our incredibly fun day.  We clocked over 9 hours at the park!  Time for bed.

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