Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let the Vacation Begin!

It's travel day for us.  It is not easy getting 6 people across the country but we managed to do it once again.  Here we are at the airport waiting for Chris to park the car.  The kids have really taken to card games and I love that they are playing do nicely with something that is not an electronic device!  (Says this Mama who is snapping photos with her iPhone and texting her husband, answering email, blogging...).

We got all our stuff in 2 big suitcases.  Chris and I shared one.  David, Lia and Isaac shared the other.  Emily packed her own bag which I did not check this year... (Hope it works out). And everyone brought a small carry on.  We had Isaac's big car seat and Lia's small booster but all in all not obnoxious at all!

We ate breakfast at the airport and were delayed an hour b/c United's computer systems went down (crazy).  By the time we got on the plane it was almost noon and Isaac was done.  He slept most of the 2hr 15 min flight and I got cuddle time.

More waiting for our rental.  We got a 2015 a Town and Country.  It is just like our minivan at home except black.  We were thrilled b/c it has a DVD player and Bluetooth so we could sync up our phones.  (Sweet.)

We regularly get the big round family table now when we go to Crackerbarrel.  The kids now call it our table!

And they really liked that peg game.  David "won" severely times by figuring out how to only leave 1 peg.  He proudly called himself, "Genius."  Smart kid, that one.

Tomorrow is Carowinds!

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