Friday, July 10, 2015

Museum of York County, The Dixie Pig

Technically, we had ice cream for lunch at The Peach Tree... But around 2:00 we were hungry for BBQ so we consulted Yelp for a nearby place and found a winner, The Dixie Pig.  My pulled pork sandwich was fantastic and we were happy they had bratwurst for Emily and catfish for David.  David is interested in trying all sorts of foods these days.  He doesn't  always like what he picks, but I'm glad that he is giving new things a try.    For instance, he ordered sweet tea and braised cabbage with his catfish at lunch.  And no, he didn't care for either, but he tried!

After lunch, we went to the Museum of York County.  We found it a few years ago when we were visiting Pop Pop.  We were able to watch the planetarium show  and then the kids had some time to explore the best hands-on room full of preserved animals, fossils, insects, and you name it stuff I have ever seen.  There was also an expert on hand to answer their hundreds of questions, get this:  enthusiastically!  (Too good to be true!)

Drawer after drawer of things to explore.

Nothing like comparing your height yo that of a baby giraffe.

Emily's got an elephant tusk and Lia has one of those whale parts that filters the krill from the water... She knows what it is called.  I'll update when I ask her later.  ;-)

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