Monday, July 13, 2015

Nelli Beach, Monday

Happy Monday!  I took a ton of pictures today and got many good ones but this one of smiley Emily and Isaac is my favorite:

The beach wasn't too hot this morning and there was a fantastic tidal pool for the kids to play in.  Isaac took a little bit of time to warm up but as you can see he really enjoyed it.  The big kids caught some fish to put in the tidal pool as well so it was like our own little private aquarium!

Yay, cousins!  (Annaliese, Emma and Isaac)

David and Christopher

Isaac and Gia.  (Only 8 weeks apart)

We were able to have the 1st day of races too!  David and Lia are ready to go!

There's Lia running in the back!

The Shoemakers are our housemates again this year and they love to fish.  Here is Caroline fighting a shark!


And these lucky kids were treated to a movie out with their Uncle Tee Tee.  Lucky kids!  
(At Minions)

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