Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nelli Beach - Wednesday (special lunch)

Nonna's Special  Luncheon lives on!  Steven hosted this year's special lunch for our most adventurous eaters.  I was so pleased that David and Lia wanted to be a part of it.  Anyone can attend as long as they are open to trying something new and are okay with not knowing what the mystery meal is till after they have sampled it!

This year's tasters.

The sausages were supposed to be a warm-up to the main event:  the world's most stinky cheese.  Scroll down to see the mystery food.

The sausages were a hit but the cheese smelled so bad that few would try it.  I think my video gives a good idea of just how foul it smelled!  Pasta (plain) was served after the tastings to fill those hungry kid's bellies.

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