Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kauai, Day 15, Honolulu Airport

Boo.  We travelled home on Wednesday with a short stop in Honolulu.  The gardens are beautiful and boy, oh boy did Isaac love the koi pond and fish. 

One very excited little boy here...

Ah well, back to reality.

Kauai, Day 14, More Emily Birthday

Emily was lucky to celebrate her 12th birthday in Kauai with her grandparents, who went out of their way to make it special for her.  My Mom had birthday presents:  a book she wanted, a purse and beautiful Hawaiian bracelet.  And my Dad found a decadent chocolate cake we all could enjoy.

We celebrated at the Princeville park and Emily made sure Isaac had a great time by showing him all the fun things he could do... with a little help.

Yes, he liked the slide!

And the crawling tube...

We ended the evening with miniature golf.  It was a first for our kids and a really tough course but good family fun all around.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Kauai, Day 14, Happy Birthday Emily

Kauai, Day 13, Anini

These are the pictures Chris took at Anini Beach.  They have a kind of castaway look to them... I think the wind surfer got cropped out.  ;-)

Kauai, Day 12, Kalihiwai

After church, we enjoyed a lazy Sunday at Kalihiwai.

My future little soccer player!


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kauai, Day 11, Sand Castles, Hiking, Shave Ice

Hanalei Bay was the place to be today!  The 2015 Sand Castle competition was very well attended.  Lia, and Isaac and I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the entries.  There were many more, but these were my favorites.

And while we were playing around, Chris took the kids on another rigorous hike.  David, as you can see, conquered the mountain!

And we all got Shave Ice and ice cream afterwards to celebrate.  Happy, happy.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kauai, Day 10, Salt Pond

Friday we drove to the south side of the island and visited Salt Ponds Beach Park.  I didn't take too many pictures but I love this one!

And another sneaky photo of my handsome son who hates having his picture taken.  This beach has a nice protected swimming area like Lydgate.  Chris likes this beach park because of the nice grass that extends right up to the sandy beach.  There are also a few shady spots under choice palm trees.  Yes, life is good here.

Kauai, day 9, Sleeping Giant Hike

Chris and our 2 big kids did a more difficult hike on Thursday.  It is a fairly steep climb up the 'sleeping giant' to a view of his nose.  Here they are at the trail head.

Here is the sleeping giant... His head is on the left.  You have to use your imagination a bit, but he is lying on his back.

Here they are at one of the lookouts.

And here is the up close and personal view of the giant's nose.

 A little silliness... In case you weren't sure what you were looking at.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Kauai, day 8, (play, cuisine, hike, beach!)

Busy, fun-filled Wednesday for us.  We started at Lydgate State Park and the amazing Kamalani playground.

This place is like a kid's best play castle dream come true.  Isaac's eyes lit up when he saw it and really enjoyed doing some exploring on his own.

It isn't easy but this little boy gets around!

All the kids liked this mosaic snake bench.

Nice snakey snake...

That would be a Lia reef explorer... Check the eyes!

Love love the under the sea art all over this playground.  Isaac spent quite a bit of time pointing out his favorite fish.

Chris was very excited to have lunch at Tip Top in Lihue so he could get some authentic Chinese Saimin noodles.  This is a local favorite and our culinary adventure for the day.

I didn't get a picture of the Saimin, but I went out on a limb and tried the house specialty, oxtail soup!  I hear the meat is tail from a cow, not an ox... But I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the meat is. You have to work a little bit to get it, but it is like super tender stew meat once you dig it out.  The soup itself was delicious... and topped with cilantro and ginger, was very aromatic.

So then, we were off to an easy 3/4 mile hike.  Look how unenthused my children are!

David and Emily, despite the picture, we're excited to have walkie talkies and enthusiastically, forged on ahead, reporting back to 'Big Kahuna' with their progress.

Love this picturesque bridge.

And we all made it to the picnic table and celebrated with the bag of chocolate dipped macadamia nut cookies we got at Tip Top, on our way out.

And last, we cooled off at Lydgate Beach Park.  The kids loved this protected swimming area.

And I love this picture of my happy baby boy!  I worked hard to get this shot!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kauai, day 7, Kilauea Lighthouse

After my Monday fail, we decided to visit the Kilauea Lighthouse on Tuesday.  It was bright and sunny so my pictures came out beautiful.

When one kid doesn't want to be in the picture, they will usually take it for us.  :-)

Here is Lia checking out the red footed booby birds.  Love she is finally tall enough to take advantage of the park resources!


The beautiful view!

Isaac watches and mimics everything we do.  He knew what to do with the binoculars.

Bird Island.  Look at the ocean!

Smiley David caught unawares.

Isaac pointing out birds.

And looking awfully cute here.

Daddy and Isaac