Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kauai, day 3 (Kuilau Ridge Trail)

Chris wanted to do some hiking and since it is pretty hot during the day, we all got up at 7am so we could hike the Kuilau Ridge trail while it was still cool.  We would have gotten th the trail head super early except we ran into a massive traffic jam due to a brush fire closing down the highway from 4-7am... Can you believe it?  Anyway, we were delayed about 45min but made it and we're lucky to have a nice lady take our family picture.  Only one of us is pouting.

David found a hiking stick with a split branch that he could hang his camera on while he walked.  He was pretty proud of it.

We love that people often leave good hiking sticks at the start of trails for others to use.

Chris, Emily and David set a fast pace from the start so Lia, Isaac and I ended up being hiking buddies.

We found some red berries to snack on and even a remarkably sweet guava... Lia is holding it in our group selfie.

The elusive mile marker signs...

Here is the last big uphill push to the picnic table and rest area, which was going to serve as our breakfast table.
Chris and I share our location with each other on our cell phones so I could see how far apart we were while hiking.

And here is our celebratory pic.  Yay, we hiked a mile!  Yay, we get chocolate muffins!

David and Chris pushed on to finish the trail.  See, they did it!

And we all enjoy washing off at the stream once we make it back.  It is always so nice to get all the mud off!

And finally, a rainbow to end our day.  My Mom and Dad treated us to dinner at Neidi's.  Our kids were grouchy but my Dad got a family picture...

And, oh, the rainbow!  I'll take it to be the sign of Emmanuel.  God with us.

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