Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kauai, day 5, Blackpot and Keé

On the way to church in Hanalei, we saw this incredible rainbow.  Chris was able to pull over so I could take this picture:

Wow!  We love the St William parish church with its open air worship area.  The 'summer' priest was returning to Atlanta so we enjoyed a full breakfast after mass in celebration.  The kids got to  ring the big church bells too.

We kind of lazed around the condo in the afternoon and had a wonderful picnic dinner at Blackpot beach.  We scored a picnic table on the river side of the beach park and ate roasted chicken, pasta salad and grapes.  So pleasant.


Yay, happy family pics.

Then we drove over to Keé Beach for snorkeling and sunset.  The gnats were awful in the shade but luckily the sun wasn't too hot and we were able to get away from them... (mostly).  Isaac didn't mind them.  He played while the big kids checked out the reef fish.

At sunset we walked down the beach a little way to see this incredible view:

Yes, God's glory right there.  So blessed to be here in this most beautiful place.

And finally, the kids thought this tree and its amazing roots made a pretty awesome kid fort.  I totally agree.  They said they were coming back to climb and do this again.

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