Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kauai, day 4, Kalihiwai

Saturday, we headed to Kalihiwai for some more beach time.  This beach has some shade but it is kind of far from where the waves break.  So Chris took the big kids for ocean play and Isaac and I hung out in the cool.  (Seeing a trend here?)

There was a little dog on the beach he really liked.

Lia joined us once she had had enough wave fighting time.

The Kalihiwai river flows into the ocean at this park and the kids really like to play on the river side too.  You have to zoom in but there are a bunch of kids jumping off a huge fallen tree on the left.  Isaac liked watching them and pointed saying, "kids!"

Here is my Hawaiian Lia fish.

Lots of fun!

(And tired kids at the end of the day.)

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