Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kauai, day 6, Wai Koa Loop Trail

I got some bad information about the Lighthouse being open on Monday (it wasn't) so we quickly had to come up with an alternate activity because we were ready to do something!  We decided on the Wai Koa loop trail, one we did 2 years ago, but a shorter version as it was too hot for the full 5 miles!

After chatting with the trail guide, we learned we could start at about the halfway point by driving to the dog park and parking there.  Isaac perked up as soon as he saw dogs... They make him smile every time.

The trail starts as a wide road and goes through the working Wai Koa farm.

Not much shade!

Oh how I wish I had a banana tree like this for my little monkeys!

Some Nenes (Hawaiian geese)

And finally, the little slice of heaven at the stone dam and waterfall.  It is kind of like a giant zen garden with walking paths and bridges over the winding stream.

Definetly a happy place.

The kids said they wanted to bring swim suits so they could take a turn on the rope swing.

The girls loved exploring through the bamboo jungles.  Excellent plan B!

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