Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kauai, day two (Hanalei, pool)

The kids wanted to go back to Hanalei Bay b/c they saw fish in the ocean and wanted to return with swim goggles.  We packed a lunch and saw this incredibly blue ocean when we arrived.  Wow!

Mommy and Isaac selfie.  Emily said this picture is just weird but I like it.

Our tree climbing daughter was in heaven with this tree, though.

And I snapped this one of my two boys.  The bigger one still hates having his picture taken so I sneak one every now and then.  :-)

And then some more time at the condo pool...

So traveling with a family of 6 is challenging enough without tons of luggage.  We kept it somewhat light by bringing only 2 large suitcases and decided to leave the booster seat and portable crib at home in hopes of improvising here.  Luckily, my dad had this step stool at the condo and it has served as a very stable seat for Isaac.  He hasn't fallen off it yet... But does want to stand on it so we have to be there with him when he is using it.  He also looks pretty cute in it to boot.

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