Friday, October 9, 2015


And this guy continues to charm everyone.  He's a perpetual smiley face and a whirlwind of trouble.  He's talking up a storm and loves to say "Where did it go?"... while lifting and lowering his shirt to show us his bellybutton.  He loves dogs, ducks and squirrels and wants to be outside all the time.

He spends a lot of time naming off his family members.  He points us all out and says our names throughout the day.  I suppose he likes to keep track of his people.  It is pretty darn cute.  If you ask him "Where's the Isaac?", he will point to himself.

This boy wants to be read to constantly!  Thank goodness his siblings help out.  He is insatiable right now!

And then there is "Vroom Vroom Cars" with David.  They do this everyday.  Isaac will call out "David, vroom vroom cars?"
Luckily, David likes to play.

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