Wednesday, October 28, 2015

St. Dominic Center Saint Visit

Today was a service day for our family.  We joined our homeschooling group and visited the retired priests at the St. Dominic center and dressed up as Saints!

The priests moved into their new beautiful facility this month and we enjoyed getting a tour.  I love the St. Joseph statue in the courtyard.

Love my little St. Francis of Assisi running around!

The kids each gave a little presentation of the Saint they chose to dress up as.  Lia picked St. Anne, Mary's mother, this year.

David chose St. George and the Dragon. He has been St. George every year since he was four.  I guess heroes that slay dragons are perpetually cool.

Isaac is checking out Father's ring.  He is certainly a charmer.  One of the priests, Father Nills I think, is actually a Franciscan.  How cool is that!

And I took this one the night before as I was putting Isaac's costume together.  His friar robe is a $5.88 women's mock turtleneck from Walmart.  I just lobbed off about 6" of the sleeves.  The clip on bird we found at Michaels along with some manly ribbon.  So cute.  

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