Wednesday, March 16, 2016

El Morro - Exploring forts is awesome!

After settling in and checking out the pool and beach access at our condo, we decided to head into San Juan to explore one of the forts.

The views were incredible!  

Outside of the fort.  

Have I mentioned that exploring forts is awesome?

David gets photo credits.  He got his new buddy in this picture too.  (Look closely on the wall)

Hello, Mr. Iguana!

So cool!  There were 2 of these guys roaming the ramparts.

Love this photo op.

Yes, exploring forts is awesome.  Even for almost 2 year old boys!

This was a Lia sized tunnel.

Pretty smiles for me.  

Isaac climbed all these stairs!  And said, "Boom!" every time we came across a cannon.  Boy genes in place?  Check.

Even David smiled for me.  But only this one time.  ;-)

Lots of grass... And a little steep down the hill!

More gorgeous views!

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