Thursday, March 17, 2016

El Yunque - National Forest

Today's adventure was to visit Puerto Rico's national forest, El Yunque.  There is so much to see!  We only scratched the surface and were limited to what we could do with a 2 year old but oh my goodness, what an amazing place!

We got the day off to a great start with a family picture at the visitor center.  Thank you so much to the kind couple who offered to take this for me.  So glad we did!

After we watched the introductory movie and hit the gift shop... (Emily needed a hiking hat).  We were off!  Well actually, we needed a picnic spot to eat lunch so we headed up the mountain.  We were rewarded with views right away!

We stopped at the Sierra Palm Food Concession and Picnic Area.  We had packed our own lunch so we walked down the path and found a whole bunch of these little covered picnic areas.

Each one had a fireplace inside!  Can you imagine?  It was perfect.  We had a great lunch here.

And then on to a short easy hike.  The Baño de Oro trail "Gold Bath" was about a quarter mile with gentle elevation gain.  We did not have a jogging stroller so we didn't make it far before we had to ditch the stroller and let Isaac walk.

What an adventurer he turned out to be!

And what an awesome forest trail!

Yes, it was slow going... But we got there.  (Well, some of us did...)

Here is the resting bench where Isaac quit the trail.  He looks happy with himself, doesn't he?

So we hung out here while Chris and David finished the trail.  We had fun waiting.  :-)

Then we all walked back together,  Isaac got carried out.  It sure is good to be two.

Next stop was the Yokahu tower.  You can climb all the way to the top!  So fun!
(not sure what David is doing here)

Views from the top:


Hanging out at the top.  :-) Isaac scored Emily's new hat.

There is just something about the views framed by these open windows!

And last stop was the La Coca Falls.  We all wanted our pictures taken here.

When Isaac is older, we want to come back and do a more difficult hike up to Mt. Britton tower...  Lots of reasons to come back!

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