Sunday, March 20, 2016

Old San Juan, take 2

There were a few more sights I wanted to see in Old San Juan so we decided to go back for another day of sight seeing.  I used a walking tour from Puerto Rico Day Trips as a guide.  We parked in the big open lot near Paseo de la Princess, which was really inexpensive, by the way... ($4 for 5 hours). And we started at Raices fountain.  It is touted as the most romantic place in Puerto Rico!  While the fountain is nice, there is no shade and it was very hot.  Not so romantico to me!  Maybe they meant at night... Or maybe I am just not romantico that way.

I can't get enough of these little lookout towers.  They are everywhere!  So we walked along the ocean, outside of the walls of San Juan, so we could go in by the city gate.  

Here's the San Juan city gate.  The walls are 15 ft thick!  Sailors entered this gate and walked up the block to the San Juan cathedral to give thanks to God for a safe journey.  The cathedral is 450 years old!

And here is a little chapel next to Parque de las Palomas.  (Pigeon Park)

I took so many pictures at Pigeon Park that it needs its own post!

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