Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Break 2016 - Puerto Rico bound

We decided to be a little spontaneous around Christmas and booked a spring break vacation to Puerto Rico!  We wanted to go somewhere new and exciting and that didn't require passports (since we don't have any for the kids).

And so... We're off!

Isaac is looking awfully cute and little in his seat next to me.  Now that we are six, we take up a whole row on the airplane!

Just killing time before takeoff.

My travel companion.  Yes, she read the 3.5 hours we were in the air.

This little guy stayed busy too.  He even took a nap at some point.  He arranged the palm of my hand for his pillow and then guided my other hand to cover his exposed ear.  Smart kid!

And we all started to get super excited when we saw this out the window!

No delays getting to St. Juan.  And no waiting for our rental minivan at Alamo.  The other rental place (Budget) had super long lines with more than an hour wait!  Thank you guardian angel!

We are at El Verde BBQ, a local favorite, no frills, point and order at the counter place.  We were starving and it was delicious.

We got chicken, pork ribs, my favorite white fleshed sweet potato, plantains (not in the picture) a pina colada, some soda and a beer for about $30!  Now that's a bargain for a family of 6!

And finally we got our grocery shopping done at a place called Ralph's.  Chris was super excited to find local papaya.  :-)

Our condo is super nice and we are excited to explore the island.  More later.

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