Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lia's First Holy Communion

April 23, 2016

This was a big day for Lia!  She prepared for her First Holy Communion for 2 years.  We homeschooled one of those years but she asked to attend the group classes at church for the 2nd year.  Chris handled all the family sacramental preparations as he has done with Emily and David so it has truly been a family team effort!  We had lots of family and friends at church and it was just a very special and blessed day for her!

Is David smiling?

Waiting outside church... she wouldn't smile for me!

With her Godparents and St. Anthony of Padua

Sweet Daddy/Daughter (I'm sure he's giving her grief)

Best Picture ever with the Holy Family

Beautiful with her Godparents

Lia and the boys...

Aunt ReRe
You know your Daddy loves you when he'll take a picture with your veil... knowing you'll probably post it online!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aunt Stacey and Cousins, Anthony and Gia!!!

We were super excited to pick up our family from the airport for Lia's First Holy Communion.  It is always a treat to have this crew come for a visit.  Can we say non-stop play!

Isaac showed Gia all his favorite toys.  I think she liked his "bugs" as much as he does.  He's really not used to sharing so I found it really funny when I told him to give Gia a bug to play with.  He gave her the super slow moving one.  He had to try again!

They were so stinkin' cute together.  I love these 2 yr old cousins!!!

We all went to our local Children's Museum the next day... it was super rainy so this was the best place to be!  These little shopping carts made Isaac so happy.  I wonder if that is because we go to the grocery store almost every day...?

And at the lego table...

Group pictures are always fun!  This was right before the puppet show.

The next day was better weather wise and we broke out the play sand and the bubbles.  Gia's sweet smiley face makes me so happy.

And of course an Aunt Michelle and cousin selfie!  Lots of fun.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Painting Morning...

Isaac is lucky in the sense that I let him paint pretty much whenever he wants to.  His attention span is really short, we always have lots of newspaper lying about, the paint is just cheap stuff and there is always copy paper for him to work on... so why not!  My other kids love to paint too but I was always hesitant to let them paint when they were little because I hated the mess.  I guess this is a benefit to being the fourth child.  Mom has relaxed a little bit so he gets to paint more.

This video cracks me up for multiple reasons.  Isaac is longing to share his work first but David jumps in ahead of him.  Then when Isaac shows his work, you can't tell which side is the one he is wanting to share... and he's telling us something but we don't understand him.  And Lia, is just being very quiet and very busy on her side of the table dipping string into some super messy acrylic paint to make a string painting... I'm sure I would not have authorized that activity if I had been paying attention!