Saturday, May 14, 2016

David's Tae Kwon Do Tournament, Austin

I got to take David to my first Tae Kwon Do tournament in May.  It was in Austin, so we took a little road trip together.  :-)  Since I was driving, we listened to the Audible version of The Green Ember by S.D. Smith, to pass the time.  We both enjoyed it and we made good time to Austin on Friday night. There was a really nice turnout of kids for this tournament, so I made myself comfortable and was pleased to see that it was run in a very organized fashion.  That said, we are still talking about a 4 hour event!
Blue Belt Patterns
David is currently a red stripe.  This means he has progressed through yellow, green, and blue belts and his red stripe indicated he is half-way to his red belt.  Black belt is after red, but there are many steps to get from red to black, if I understand it correctly.

The first part of the tournament is where the kids run through their belt patterns.  If the patterns of the two kids look incredibly different in the video, it is because one is a karate pattern and the other is a tae kwon do pattern.  Apparently, the blue belts still mean they are of somewhat equal rank.  The judges declare a winner at the end of the pattern.  David lost his first round but won the second, as you can see if you watch till the end.

The second part of the tournament is the sparring part.  The two opponents fight each other and gain points for making contact through punches or kicks.  In David's fight, he is red.  When he gets a point, the judge raises the red flag.  It would have made more sense for him to be white since his helmet was white;.. but whatever.  He wins his sparring match against this giant boy...  Love that!!!!

David wins against Goliath!
Here is the sparring video.

 And now, I am an expert!!!  Well... at least I have an idea about this kind of rodeo now.  :-)

1st trophy (He wins 2, both 3rd place)

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