Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ocean Crest Pier


We go to the pier every year for ice cream.  :-)
They didn't really want pictures taken but at least I got these!


Aquarium Outing

The Men's Luncheon on Thursday had us kicked out of our beach house from 1-4 so
I usually take that time to go on an off island adventure with the kids.  We decided to try something new this year so we hopped on a Ferry to visit the local aquarium!


Driving onto a ferry is certainly out of my comfort zone but it ended up being quite simple and the kids got a kick out of it.


The Aquarium was very close to the ferry drop off location.  Emily and Isaac climbed on the dinosaur while I got tickets.  By the way, dinosaurs are very popular this trip!  We saw an exhibit at Carowinds and at the York County museum before this.

Cross country turtle rides available.

Silliness with the jellyfish.

Silhouettes in front of the aquariums.

And those scary dinosaurs outside!  They were everywhere.
Oh yes, and David tamed a giant wild frog!  What a day.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Race video

So much cheating!!!

The Races in pictures...

Long Beach Olympics is a long standing tradition.  The kids run time trials and then get paired up for relays.  All runners get candy in the end.  It's a good time!

Clowning around.... 
Clowning around at the start line during trials.


And the relays!


Game night

I think Tuesday was game night.  Uncle Crab got the younger kids all set up to play charades.  I got to play too so I didn't get pictures because I had Isaac on my lap.  It was fun and the kids did really well with their acting and guessing.


The adults and the older kids played Name Five and as usual, were super competitive.  This pic cracks me up!  So lively!  And loud!

Special Lunch

And Nonna's tradition continues!  All adventurist eaters gather together for a mystery meal... An exotic taste test, have you. Everyone tries the "special" lunch and then try to guess what it is.  The cousins are bonding here while they wait.  Christopher is the cousin on the bottom.


Anthony and David bring silly here.


So... What do you think it is?


There was quite a crowd to try it!

David loved it and ate 5!!!

They were chicken hearts!  (Ewww). But actually, David and Lia really liked them.  And so did most of the cousins!  Stacey explained the extensive preparations that were required including marinating and massaging all those hearts to get the marinade inside.  No thank you!


Everyone was excited to meet Brett and KG's twins!!!  They are 8 months old and super cute.  They are always in bonnets or big bows and if it can be worn and monogrammed, it is.

I love this photo!


Isaac crashed in their stroller on one particularly tiring afternoon.  Nelli Kate is screaming, "intruder!"  Ha!


Oak Island!

I think these two waited about an hour after we arrived before asking to go down to the beach.  The only reason they waited that long is because their cousin Anthony came over the moment we arrived and they had fun playing together while we settled in a little.


Lia still smiles pretty for me.  

So this trip goes down in our history as the beach trip Emily forgot to pack bathing suits.  What?!?!  Who does that?  So she wore one of mine the whole trip... Not her preference, but it worked.


Yes, he's so stinkin' cute.  Isaac did not love the beach.  He warmed up to it as the week went along and enjoyed playing in the sand but not going into the ocean.  The ocean was very scary to him!


Chris and I need to take more pictures together!  This was taken on Monday for appetizers on the beach.  Tom brought me a giant zucchini from his garden so I made stuffed zucchini boats.  They were tasty but not very good finger food for the beach.  Oh well... I tried and they were all mostly eaten.

Here is most of our family gathered together after attacking all the food.

Isaac got to know some of his cousins.  He takes a while to warm up but I think Annaliese was the first to charm him.


Staying out on the beach till dark is awesome!

Friday, July 22, 2016


We finally got together with some cousins on Friday at Carowinds!  Here they are ready to get going.


First stop was the carousel.   Everyone likes that ride.

Lia and Christopher
Isaac braved riding the horse for about the first minute... Then he moved to the safety of the benches.  We'll get there...


David and Christopher...

I think we get this shot every year!

And I shelled out for these digital pics because they are so fun!


The Scrambler

And, I call this one:  "Rain!"

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Museum of York County, Cherry Park

The Museum of York County has been a consistent favorite with our kids.  They love all the drawers of specimens they can rummage through... Isaac was napping so I didn't get any of those pictures but once he woke up we knew he would like the dinosaur exhibits!


We looked at some books...

We had a tea party...
It was crashed by his siblings...

And then we checked out Cherry Park...

Can you tell it was hot?

We went back to the hotel and swam in the indoor pool after this.  It was awesome!