Saturday, July 16, 2016

4th of July Shirts

I had a crazy idea this year to make 4th of July t-shirts...  The kids thought it sounded like fun so we loaded up on plain white shirts, spray paint, painters tape and star stickers.  Then after looking at some inspiration pics... The kids got going.  

You can see Emily's idea all laid out here.

First the red paint, then the blue....

Peel off the stickers...

Voila - Patriotic T-shirt!

And here's Rebecca's in progress.  She said she had a vision and was going with it.  ;-)

Came out great!

Here's Lia's shirt.

And David's all laid out.  He wanted a realistic flag with the correct number of Stars and Stripes.  He used those gold foil star stickers to get all 50 on.  :-)


For Isaac, we really wanted a shirt with his little hand print but he would have nothing to do with dipping his hand in paint... So we had to use Lia's hand.  Oh well, all good.

I'd call this:  success!


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