Friday, July 15, 2016

Cub Scout Camp

This was the first summer David wanted to participate in the Twilight Summer Cub Scout Camp.  It goes all week, from 1-8pm.  And, it is mostly outdoors in the hot!  I kept asking him each day if it was too long or if he wanted me to come get him earlier.  Nope, not my kid.  He didn't want to miss a second.

David is participating in the closing flag ceremonies here.

I didn't stick around on camp days but got these pics on the last day, the family day.  I think David liked shooting the BB guns the best.  Archery was probably a close second.

Action shot!

He was proud of this target!

It is tradition, we learned, for the fire truck to come on the last day and hose off the boys.  Oh man, the kids loved this!

Lots of fun!

And a little group shot... I think boys never get tired of hanging out by the fire truck!

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