Friday, July 29, 2016

Oak Island!

I think these two waited about an hour after we arrived before asking to go down to the beach.  The only reason they waited that long is because their cousin Anthony came over the moment we arrived and they had fun playing together while we settled in a little.


Lia still smiles pretty for me.  

So this trip goes down in our history as the beach trip Emily forgot to pack bathing suits.  What?!?!  Who does that?  So she wore one of mine the whole trip... Not her preference, but it worked.


Yes, he's so stinkin' cute.  Isaac did not love the beach.  He warmed up to it as the week went along and enjoyed playing in the sand but not going into the ocean.  The ocean was very scary to him!


Chris and I need to take more pictures together!  This was taken on Monday for appetizers on the beach.  Tom brought me a giant zucchini from his garden so I made stuffed zucchini boats.  They were tasty but not very good finger food for the beach.  Oh well... I tried and they were all mostly eaten.

Here is most of our family gathered together after attacking all the food.

Isaac got to know some of his cousins.  He takes a while to warm up but I think Annaliese was the first to charm him.


Staying out on the beach till dark is awesome!

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