Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer 2016, Bring it!

Summer 2016 has arrived!  What does it look like for us?  Here's a brief summary of our day to day life... (Yes, we have it good.  Yes, we are spoiled.). The highlights will get their own blog posts!

 Lazy evenings at the pool.  Best time to go is from 6-8pm... And yes, our dinners and bedtimes are late!

All hands on deck to amuse the 2 year old.  Unique marble runs are built just for him, every day.

Can anyone find the baby?

Children's museum.  

Bird watching at the kitchen table.  This guy's migrating through.  David says it's a house finch.

Play dough!  Lots of it!

Play dates with dear friends.  And Gigi cupcakes!!!

Breakfast in our pajamas.  :-)

And super giant marble runs that require a step stool for the baby to use by himself!

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