Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day

And here is our traditional picture of each child holding a gift and humoring Mom so she'll hurry up and let them open presents!  This year was a little different in that Emily and I went to the Christmas Eve mass at 4:30 where she sang and played the flute with the choir and I sat nearby.  Chris, David and Lia decided they wanted to go to midnight mass!  Lia and I were tucked snug in our beds when they went to church.  Needless to say, the gift opening on Christmas Day began around noon!

Oh my Isaac was so excited about this "whoo whoo" umbrella.

Everyone is gathered around Dad to see the photo book Uncle Rob made.

Yes, we bought and wrapped Dad a fly swatter.  Our old one broke or got lost or something and we were in need... Yes, it was kind of a joke but much needed!

And Nana and Grandpa joined us for a  Christmas crab dinner and stockings filled with chocolate and other good stuff.  Thank you to Chris for faithfully stuffing them every year.

David made everyone books this year.  I got a cookbook of interesting recipes he found online that he would like me to make for him (ha!), Emily got cryptograms, Lia got a character making book, and Isaac got this book of animal pictures and you can see him looking at it enthusiastically here: