Monday, February 20, 2017

Blue and Gold Banquet

David moved up to Boy Scouts this past Saturday and joined Troop 1180.  He started Cub Scouts as a Tiger back in 1st grade and we are excited for him to move on in this adventure.  The Blue and Gold Banquet was hosted by our Webelo parents and was a big success with BBQ chicken and all the fixings, a Texas snake show, and of course all the awards and ceremony.

David is on the middle left, pictured with his new Boy Scout troop.

Here is David right after he crossed the bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  He is receiving his new neckerchief and slide.

And although he wanted no more pictures, I had to get one of Chris with David and the beautiful arrow he labored hours and hours over for his son.  The arrow's colors are made of thread and the color and length of each represent  the achievements David has accomplished over his years in Cub Scouts.

And last, our family was responsible for creating this year's Program for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  He hired Emily for the design work because it is one of her many talents and she enjoys doing this kind of work.  It came out really great and very professional looking.

We had some trials trying to get the ultra fancy copier machine at church to make our 60 copies just the way we wanted them but after much struggle, and the supportive presence of Father Tom, we got it done!  Never mind we had to use our paper cutter at home to trim it because the margins were wrong... but all in all, it got done and looked lovely!

 Great work Emily!

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