Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lia's 9th Birthday Party

Lia wanted to have a "home" party this year with friends and party games.  We did a lot of brainstorming and came up with some fun ideas and hoped everyone would enjoy it.  Here is the birthday girl with her #9 cupcake right before we sang to her.

Here is her awesome little group of girlfriends.  We were so excited that everyone we invited was able to attend.

We did a mummy wrapping game where each team of 2 girls had to see who could wrap a roll of toilet paper the fastest.  It was really fun... though I cringed a little at the waste of toilet paper!  I played the Bangles Walk Like and Egyptian and the girls had never heard it before.  It came out in 1986... ha!

Limbo was a hit!  Everyone likes that game.

David and Emily put on a magic show for everyone!  They even had stage names:  Zim Zam (David) and Drizelda the Mentalist (Emily)  I won't say it went off without a hitch... but the very observant girls enjoyed their antics and only foiled a few tricks.  ;-)

Here they are playing spin the nail polish bottle.  I had a ton of nail polish so each girl could pick a color and spin it.  If the bottle pointed to you, the spinner would paint one toe nail.  They played till everyone's nails were painted!  We found this one on a google search of 'fun party games for 9 year olds'  I would call it a winner.

And here is her Happy Birthday video.  If she looks a little angry at the beginning it is because here siblings were threatening to sing the mean (annoying and traditional according to Emily)birthday song... the one that goes:  Lia Nelli's a pain/ She sings like a train/ She is driving me/ insane in the brain.

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