Saturday, April 29, 2017

David's Camporee

During April, Chris spent almost 3 weeks in China.  Luckily, David's big camp out for Scouts only required me to follow a packing list and drop him off.  I got all these pictures from other parents who were kind enough to post pics to Face Book.  I really love that since I couldn't be there.  Many Boy Scout Troops attend Camporee and there are all sorts of competitions for the boys.

Apparently they did really well in the competitions and won Honor Troop!
Here are the highlights I got from the posted video:
--Tied a square knot with our feet - 10pts
--Finished 3rd in the obstacle course
--Got 2nd place for log cutting
(well that's all there was...I'm guessing there was a lot more to it!)

This is a great video put together by one of the Scouts serving as Historian.  The best part is the last 20 seconds or so when they announce the winners.  David makes a cameo but sounds really irritated about the knot tying bit... one of the dads is just laughing at him.

Once he got back home, he had to set up the tent and rinse it off.  I was super impressed to see how he could do it quickly all by himself.

Plus, it entertained these two.  :-)

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