Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Easter 2017

After a long Lenten fast... yes, we gave up desserts during the week and it was DIFFICULT!  Easter finally arrived in all its splendor.  We still have not reached a point that we can attend mass as a family... but we have worked out a suitable arrangement, finally.  Chris and the big kids chose to go to the Easter Vigil which is long and goes past midnight.  They love it... but it isn't a great venue for 3 year olds.  Lia and I have attended the very crowded 11am mass on Easter Sunday in the past but thought maybe the 6pm mass might be a little less hectic.  And yes, I am happy to report you can show up to 6pm mass on Easter Sunday, right before it starts and get great seats.  So that is our new plan, going forward until Isaac can stay up super late.

I was surprised this year to see how much fun my big kids had showing Isaac all the joys of Easter morning.  Easter is fun for big kids and grownups, yes.  But it is really fun for a 3 year old who is experiencing it for the very first time.

And then the Easter egg hunt... Oh boy!  We let the big kids run the show and they did not disappoint!

So glad I got this one on video!

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