Monday, May 1, 2017

New Oven, YAY!!!!

I'm not sure if a new oven in "blog worthy" but I would like to commemorate the occasion because we so rarely replace appliances!  My old double oven came with the house and years ago (5?) the top oven stopped working.  The bottom oven worked fine so there was no immediate need and being kind of busy with our crazy household I avoided this task.  Since a new double oven would have to fit the cut out... I thought this job might be complicated.  Luckily, I replaced Kenmore for Kenmore and though it didn't quite fit... it was not too difficult a job to make it fit by cutting away a few inches of the existing cabinetry.  So glad to have this done!

Out with the old...


I think it is lovely!  It is just the basic double electric oven.  The fact that it conserves energy is good... I guess... but it does take a while to pre-heat and then the fans take a while to cool it down once you turn it off... but all in all, I will call it a win!  And it better last 20 years!

In with the new...

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