Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Potty training...

Oh yes, the time had to come in this toddler's life for the diapers to be thrown away!  I don't need to dwell on this too much but would like to note that Isaac has been potty trained.  The process began in April and is a work in progress.  I literally kept him home and naked for about 2 weeks and that proved to be just the right program for him.  The loss of diapers was kind of traumatic for him... he doesn't do change well but I will say he has taken to the potty like a champ.  We have not (as of June 26) moved to the big potty as he is quite attached to his little one.  The big potty is very scary and traumatic for him... he is definitely a comfort-zone child.  We will be moving on to that task soon as we have to travel in mid July and I don't think bringing the little potty on the airplane is an option...?  Ask me later how I handle it.  ;-)

Lots and lots of LeapFrog!

He sure is cute in his undies!

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