Saturday, June 3, 2017

Emily's 8th Grade Graduation

It's official:  We have a St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School graduate!!!  The school treated us to a lovely graduation breakfast and awards ceremony followed by mass.  The girls all agreed to dress in white and looked so lovely and tall in their heels!  Emily cleaned up at the awards ceremony gaining recognition for student council homeroom representative, national junior honor society chaplain, the president's award and the Washington DC citizenship award we are so proud of her for.

You know it's official when you get your graduation certificate from your parish priest!

Thank you Lia for this Mommy and Daughter pic.  :-)

They clean up good!

I didn't know this one got taken till I saw it in the school paper.  Fun!

This was the best I could get after the photographer finished.

And the 8th grade theme song:  Go Make a Difference
(I love the energy.)

And another good one to remember the day:

And yes, they are all scattering to different places next year.  Good Luck Graduates!!!

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